July 13th - August 10th

New York City has always been cultural melting pot, welcoming individuals of various race, religion and cultural ethnicity. Despite its many iconic landmarks, it is the people, and the diverse communities, that makes this city what it is. Guest curator, Dan Alvarado, presents a group exhibition of New York artists.

Karmimadeebora McMillan & Pablo Power

June 14th - July 6, 2019

Whether growing up in the deep South or coming of age in the lush tropics of Miami, color has always played a vital role in the respective lives of McMillan and Power. It may evoke nostalgia, subvert discrimination, represent selfhood, deliver insights. For these visual artists, “Coloured Lines” serve as identifiers and are intrinsic to telling the narratives in their relative works.

Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen

May 9th - June 8th, 2019

As a descendant of Syrian Jewish immigrants to the U.S., Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen uses her own familial experience as a baseline to examine changing attitudes within generations of families who underwent forced migration and the dissonance between traditional values and contemporary culture. 

Matthew Fletcher

April 5th - May 4th, 2019

A collection of patterns and op-art paintings by Matthew Fletcher.


Joseph Grazi

Mar 16th - Mar 30th, 2019

Joseph Grazi returns to the gallery with Portal, a site specific installation designed to emphasis the value of the in-person experience over digital spectatorship. Using 66 individual ropes stretched across the entire gallery from one side to the next, Grazi creates a rainbow spectrum bridge that can only be fully appreciated by standing directly underneath it.


Thomas Watkiss

Feb 8th - Mar 8th, 2019

After nearly a decade long hiatus, Thomas Watkiss, most known for his work as an experimental sound artist, marks his return to painting with Ecosystems- unique fusion of visual and auditory expression. In an amalgamation of memories, dreams and ambient field recordings, the artist creates foreign atmospheres built from a range of scenes reflecting biodiversity and personal experience


Passion and Pain
André Lamonté

Jan 4th - Feb 2nd, 2019

PASSION AND PAIN explores the rarely addressed emotional paradox of feminine beauty. Raised by his mother and four sisters, Lamonté acknowledges the dynamics of a world in which a woman’s physical attributes can easily negate her inherent intelligence and capabilities.


Falls the Shadow
Kieran Ingram

Nov 10th - Dec 8th, 2018

Kieran Ingram’s distinctive style weaves aspects of surrealism, symbolism and classic literature into delicate and enigmatic imagery laden with nuance and significance. Thick with the tension of unrealized eventualities, each painting portrays meticulously rendered objects suspended, mid-motion, isolated and occasionally fragmented, casting shadows against bare walls in a state of perpetual aposiopesis.



Oct 18th - Nov 3rd, 2018

Our inaugural exhibition featuring works by Joseph Grazi, Adam Wallace, Raul Barquet, Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen, B.R. Knoerzer , Ogulcan Kush, Jay Riggio, and Matthew Fletcher⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


4th Boro Sound Collective

April 14th- 28th, 2018
Guest curator, 4th Boro Sound Collective, presents a group exhibition of emerging New York based photographers. 

Exhibiting Artists:
Alvaro Imbrett, Steven Lopez, Rich Wade, Mike Lyons, Louis, AKA K Boog, Laura Macrini


The Shape Of Things

March 1st- 31st, 2018
The Shape of Things
 is an international sampling of the contemporary, abstract voice. The exhibition features the work of seven emerging artists hailing from around the globe, Turkey, Germany, England, Italy and the US, whose focus is on expression through geometric, abstract language. 
We are proud to introduce the work of artists Will Penny, Boris Ipsum, Ogulcan Kush, Irena Pavlyshyn, Dominic Joyce, Andrew Haan and Rachel Barnes


String Theory

Joseph Grazi

Jan 31st - February 22nd, 2018
An immersive, stream of consciousness installation by artist Joseph Grazi. The artist will spend three days and two nights enveloping the gallery in a sprawling web of knotted nylon ropes. The project will culminate in a full gallery installation opening to the public on Thursday, January 18th, from 7-11pm. 


All In

Nov 16th - Jan 18th, 2018
Herbert Baglione, John Felix Arnold, Ogulcan Kush, Travis Bedel, Erik Otto, Boris Ipsum, Raul Barquet, Emily Weiskopf and Jamie Martinez



The American Daydream

Ogulcan Kush

Oct 12th - Nov 4th, 2017