An experiential, stream-of-consciousness installation by Joseph Grazi

                     An experiential, stream-of-consciousness installation by Joseph Grazi

String Theory

by Joseph Grazi

     January 17th, 2017 (Brooklyn, NY) – South St Gallery is proud to announce "String Theory" an immersive, stream of consciousness installation by artist Joseph Grazi. The artist will spend three days and two nights enveloping the gallery in a sprawling web of knotted nylon ropes. The project will culminate in a full gallery installation opening to the public on Thursday, January 18th, from 7-11pm. 

At its core, string theory is an attempt to model the fundamental interactions of the universe. String theory describes the geometry of space, and can be modeled by strings propagating through space and interacting with each other.In a given version of string theory, there is only one kind of string, which may look like a small loop or segment of ordinary string and can vibrate in different ways.

Joseph Grazi’s web work mirrors this scientific theory in its essential form: as one nylon rope is knotted to into individual segments, each piece made to serve a distinct function essential to the construct of the whole. From each knotted joint, the web networks outward, like synapses firing across the brain, mapping the artist’s pure creative impulse.

Known for producing highly conceptual and thought provoking installations such as Seeds that Release”, installed at The (UN)Fair in 2013 and “The Walking Man”, a mobilized installation through the streets of Manhattan in 2010, Joseph Grazi’s latest conceptual work shifts the focus back to process based work. “String Theory” is a visual manifestation of the freed creative mind. Released from the limitations of creating artwork to fulfill a preconceived intent, with this project, the artist is invited to stretch and explore his visual language without constraint. The ‘art’ of the work is in the process and experience of the artist given complete creative freedom.

    Exhibition Dates:         

January 18th- February 8th, 2018