A collection of paintings and soundscapes by
Thomas Watkiss

February 8th - March 8th


After a nearly decade long hiatus, Thomas Watkiss, most known for his work as an experimental sound artist, marks his return to painting with Ecosystems- unique fusion of visual and auditory expression. In an amalgamation of memories, dreams and ambient field recordings, the artist creates foreign atmospheres built from a range of scenes reflecting biodiversity and personal experience. 

Over the course of his career as a sound artist, Watkiss spent lengthy periods of time recording place-specific rhythms in the secluded natural environments of Northern Iceland, Sweden and Southwestern Pennsylvania. For this exhibit, snapshots captured during field recordings are re-created with oil and acrylic, in an alluring blend of idealism and realism. Radiant colors fields and sequential patterns are interlaced with symbols of finality and transformation while opaque agricultural landscapes are contrasted with metallic scenes from dreams, inviting the audience to partake in a memory-based journey where reality and imagination converge.

In addition, a collection of audio recordings, some from nature, some addressing the audience directly, are paired with individual works providing viewers with an opportunity to see into the mind and through the eyes of the artist.